WAC 8 Ethics Debate Competition

In the frame of the 8th World Archaeological Congress, held in Kyoto(Japan), from August 28th to 2nd September, GAPP member Amilcar Vargas with his contest’s couple Agbelusi Oluseyi from UCL Qatar, won the first place in the Ethics Debate Competition.

WAC 8 Ethics Debate

Participants, jury and moderator at WAC 8 Ethics Debate Competition. Picture: Aadil Brar (Oct/1st./2016).

PCA Young research Award

In 2016, our GAPP member Qian Gao won the third edition of the European Journal Post Classical Archaeologies Young Research Award for her article Social values and archaeological heritage: an ethnographic study of the Daming Palace archaeological site (China). Her research was part of her PhD thesis and its available online here.

A sign board showing the contrast between the past and the present of one archaeological remain. Photo: Qian Gao.