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Click here to access the archived webpage of the Heritage & Values project (H@V). Heritage and Values was a JPI European project (2014-15) for cross-disciplinary dialogue between heritage practitioners, researchers and policy makers on ‘heritage values’.

To learn about the collaboration of GAPP with the Rua Xic 2015 during the H@V project see a print-out of a blog and see the video made about the experience.

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Blog Entries

  • Immigrant participation in heritage activities, by Qian Gao, Jun 03, 2014. Click here
  • Symbolic Heritage in the Mountains: the Megaliths of LesGavarres Catalonia, by Ana Pastor Pérez, Jul 14, 2014. Click here.
  • 38th session of the World Heritage Committee, by Amilcar Vargas, Jul 27, 2014. Click here
  • Rua Xic in Poble Sec, Barcelona, by Apen Ruiz, Nov 30, 2014. Click here.   
  • The works of Antoni Gaudí in the World Heritage list. Management, tourism and new opportunities, by Amilcar Vargas, Mar 12, 2015. Click here
  • Final workshop of the Heritage Values Network: Heritage Values and the Public, by Margarita Díaz-Andreu, Apr 21, 2015.Click here.